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We have planned the 2021 season for current COVID-19 numbers and mandates/policies, but understand that we might have to make changes based on changing circumstances.  We ask for your patience and we will work to communicate with our ALC Community regularly.  Please see below for our current COVID policies.

As ALC did for the canceled 2020 season, if the season is cancelled in its entirety, ALC plans on refunding registration fees (less a processing fee to cover credit card expenses).  Our plan is to have a great 2021 season, however if the season is cancelled, our goal is to refund our families, however there are certain costs that are paid early in the season that we need to cover (NVYLL registration, field fees, insurance, etc).


ALC participates in the Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL). The league divisions are by birth date for the boys. Players register for the division which contains their birthdate.

Boys Divisions for Spring 2021:
The divisions are based on birth date with the year defined as September 1 through August 31. This structure is close to a grade-based structure. Example: Spring 2021 Divisions are based on age as of 9/1/2020.



Birth Dates


Born 9/1/2012 through 8/31/2014


Born 9/1/2010 through 8/31/2012


Born 9/1/2008 through 8/31/20010


Born 9/1/2006 through 8/31/2008 *


Players who have turned 15 prior to the start of the 2021 season may still participate, provided they are in 8th grade.

ALC participates in the Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL). The league divisions are by grade for the girls. Players register for ALC in their grade division.

GIRLS Divisions Spring 2021:


Division for registration



9th grade girls that are still 14 on August 31 preceding competition may play for the G78 grade bracket, as long as they are not playing on a high school team.




















Team Slots are Limited - Register as early as possible:
ALC reserves the right to end registration by age level at any time. The number of teams, and thus players, is determined by the number of coaches. Each age level is filled on a first-come basis. Registrations received after a division fills are put on the wait list.

8th Grade Participation:
All players through and including Grade 8 shall be eligible to play in the NVYLL without regard to whether they play for any club or school teams.  Therefore, players in 8th grade who play for their high school or club lacrosse teams (JV) will be eligible to play for ALC 14U (boys) or G7/8 (girls) as long as they meet the age requirements.   


Player Evaluations:

ALC conducts player evaluations as required by NVYLL for the boys at 10U, 12U and 14U and for the girls at grades 3 through 8. The purpose of player evaluations is to determine proper team assignments.  Player evaluations dates and times are TBD.   The details are distributed to registered players and posted to the web site when available. These sessions are restricted to fully registered players. No walk-in registrations are permitted. All registered players are placed on a team. ALC does not use evaluations to cut players from the program. Team assignments are completed in February and March.

“Playing up” in division:

Players must register for the division in which their birthdate falls.   Players will only be allowed to “play up” if ALC determines that it is necessary to move players to fill out rosters so that we can maximize participation at each age group AND if the player demonstrates the age appropriate skill in the next age division based on player evaluations. There is a question in the registration system to make the request to play up in a division; if you are interested in your player doing so, please fill this out and contact the appropriate boys or girls commissioner. The final decision regarding level of play is made after player evaluations and overall team numbers are balanced.

Game Season:

The ALC/NVYLL game season runs from April 10(boys)/April 11(girls) through the middle of June, with 8 regular season games and 2 rounds of play-offs.  Boys games are played on Saturday and girls games are played on Sundays.  The game schedule is developed and distributed by NVYLL. The game times and locations are available one to two weeks prior to the first game.  Due to Covid-19, the game schedule will likely be fluid.

Uniforms are provided to each player for the season.  Uniforms are to be returned at the end of the season.  

Girls: Girls return their Jerseys at the end of the season. Girls will be given an ALC t-shirt to keep.
Boys: Boys return their Jerseys at the end of the season. The boys keep their uniform shorts.

US Lacrosse Membership:
As part of the registration process, the player must establish or renew their membership directly with US Lacrosse. Membership in US Lacrosse is a requirement because ALC insurance is through the organization. The ALC Online Registration automatically opens the US Lacrosse web site to verify the player's membership. The player pays the membership fee to US Lacrosse. The membership must be active through 07/30/2021 in order to proceed with registration.


ALC Needs Coaches: Please volunteer to be a coach this year
The number of coaches determines the number of teams. Coaching is a great way to learn the game and contribute to the community. Please consider coaching a team. Do you know someone with a lacrosse background? Do you know of a former college player who lives in the area? Do you know of a former youth player who is now in high school? Talk to them about coaching for ALC.

Calling all Volunteers:

ALC is a volunteer-based organization and we need help from all families. Whether you are interested in coaching a team, helping out as a parent volunteer for your child’s team or interested in getting involved with the Club in general – we need you; please indicate your interest in registration. 


This section covers Registration Fees, Payment Options, Financial Assistance and the Refund Policy.

Registration Fees:

Fee Type

Applies to


Player Registration

Each Player.



Payment Options:
Payment is by Visa or MasterCard. Families that need to pay by check contact ALC directly to make arrangements. Email   and put “Check Payment Request” in the subject line.

Financial Assistance:
Financial assistance and equipment scholarships are available. See the Financial Aid Request tab on the main page of the ALC web site to submit the request.

Refund Policy:
ALC refunds the registration fee for withdrawals on or before April 1, 2021. Refund amount reduced by $20 to cover processing.
Withdrawal Notification – Notify ALC by email to   and put “Withdrawal” in the subject line.

Also, if it is decided that the season cannot be played due to current COVID-19 numbers and/or mandates, we will refund the registration fee, reduced by the credit card processing fee. 


Non-Resident Field Fee: $25
Participation in ALC is restricted to residents of the City of Alexandria. This only applies to those players whom have played ALC for at least one season and have since moved out of City of Alexandria.  Requires an approved NVYLL waiver; please contact the appropriate commissioner.

Residency, Proof of Age or Proof of Grade Requirements:
All families are responsible for reviewing and adhering to requirements detailed in the Residency and Proof of Age or Grade Requirements section below. Each player must have a valid set of documents on file with the club.


1.    Review the registration information below. Parents are responsible for knowing this information.

2.    The Divisions are listed after this Information and Instructions section. Scroll to the bottom to locate the player’s division to initiate and complete registration




Families are responsible for reviewing and following the residency requirements:
The ALC spring game season is restricted to families who reside within the City of Alexandria, not Fairfax County. Review the details on the Proof of Residency and Proof of Age below. You can validate your residency by submitting your home address at this website: http://croppermap.com/alexandria/


Families registering players for the first time in a spring season must be residents of the City of Alexandria. The following Zip Codes are considered within the Alexandria City limits:       

City of Alexandria residents with Alexandria mailing address:

1.    22301, 22302, 22304, 22305, 22314

City of Alexandria residents with Arlington mailing address:

·       2700 - 2799 South Walter Reed Drive 22206

·       5000 - 5057 South 25th Street 22206

·       4900 - 4999 South 28th Street 22206

·       4900 - 4999 South 30th Street 22206

·       2800 - 3099 South Columbus Street 22206

·       2900 - 2999 South Dinwiddie Street 22206

Non-City residents with an Alexandria mailing address – Not permitted to register with ALC:

·       22303, 22306, 22307, 22308, 22309, 22310, 22315

Contact the Sports Office to verify residency:

·       22311, 22312

To validate your home address here: http://croppermap.com/alexandria/


1.    The family must maintain residency in the City of Alexandria in order to participate each season.

2.    The player's residency is defined by the residency of their parent(s).

3.    Participation in the fall clinic does not eliminate the city residency requirement for the spring game season.

4.    If a player has played ALC for at least one season and have since moved out of City of Alexandria; he/she may continue to play for ALC.  This requires notice to ALC and an approved NVYLL waiver; please contact the appropriate commissioner. Fees apply)

COVID-19 Guidelines

ALC is following guidance from CDC, Virginia state officials, the Alexandria Health Department, and the City of Alexandria government to ensure participants, families, staff and our community remain safe. In addition to following current ordinances and safety measures issues by our City and State we are collaborating with regional medical and youth sports leaders to ensure we are considering all aspects of safety in youth sports programming.

All participants, coaches and staff should follow COVID-19 health guidelines:

• Stay home if sick.
• Players should bring their own equipment when possible.
• Reduce physical closeness and keep 6 feet of space between players when possible.
• Wear a mask if possible.
• Players should clean their hands before and after practices, games, and sharing equipment.

If your child is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or has received a positive test result he or she should stay home. If someone in your family is experiencing symptoms or received a positive test result within the past 14 days, your child should stay home.

If you learn of potential exposure after you have been in contact with other players, coaches, officials or spectators that we ask that you immediately inform ALC so that we can notify these individuals of the exposure.  Your health information and identity will be kept confidential. 

General Guidelines

·       No physical interactions (high fives, handshakes) are permitted.

·       Participants will not share water bottles or any equipment except for balls.

·       Only participants, coaches, team managers and officials are permitted in the field area during practice and games.

·       When ALC is visiting the fields of other teams our players, spectators and coaches must follow the home teams field rules and policies.

Staff & Coach Guidelines

·       Coaches will wear masks.

·       Coaches will manage all equipment.

·       Coaches will utilize hand sanitizer before sessions and after handling equipment.

·       Coaches will not share personal equipment with other coaches.

·       Coaches will wash pinnies between training sessions.

Participant Guidelines

·       All participants will wear a mask when walking in and out of any athletics field complex for practice or games. Participants will wear a mask when on the sidelines as a substitute of an official game.

·       No high fives, handshakes, sharing of equipment or physical contact is allowed.

·       Participants are welcome to wear a mask while playing, but it is not required

Spectator Guidelines

·       All spectators are asked to adhere to current city and/or state-wide mandates concerning masks, distancing and other gathering in small groups.

·       Spectators must remain outside of fenced in game area.  When ALC is playing away we will need to follow that home teams field requirements.




Registration Questions

Direct all registration questions to ALC. Email:  and put “Registration Question” in the subject line.

Residency Questions

Direct all residency questions to ALC. Email:   and put “Residency Question” in the subject line.